We provide accessible financing for growth of the essential commodity traders, producers and processors.

Corporate structure & position



We are a nascent commodity trade finance fund established in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Within short we are going to registered our fund under the light regime of AFM (the Dutch Capital Markets Regulator) (www.afm.nl)

Our strategy is based on providing alternative short-term funding to SME’s (traders, producers and processors) with solid growth potential. These SME’s are largely disenfranchised by conventional banks over stringent lending criteria due to regulatory pressure. The demand unserved by conventional banks leaves the Fund room to provide alternative funding to SME’s in commodity trading, processing and production in energy & petrochemicals, metals and mining and Agri-commodities.

The Fund finances the trade of commodities that are related with key industries in Emerging Economies such as agriculture, mining and manufacturing. Therefore, the main focus of the fund will be on agri-commodities (grains, pulses & non-perishables), energy (oil, gas) metals (ferrous & non-ferrous) petrochemicals (polymers, monomers).

"We established Bericorp Commodity Trade Finance Fund in order to extend alternative credit to commodity traders, processors and producers that are in need of stable funding. We finance so that the vital commodities for the real economy move across the borders. The value we create by this physical trade is shared with our investors with the corresponding flexibility of our investments."

Turhan Cemal Beriker
Founder & CEO

Our Strengths


Our edge

We have an established track record since 2011, as an independent corporate finance advisor and financing arranger in commodity trade finance as we have the flexibility to organize trade finance from various sources which are suitable for transaction specifics as independent advisors. Our clients are well-established companies which are mainly from but not limited to Europe, Turkey and CIS region.

We have hands-on experience through our banking careers, in managing the risks and monitoring the commodity trade financing while focusing on handling the individual transactions of the borrowers since early 1990s.

Our know-how

On the first stage of engagement with the company we aim at understanding the company’s operational structure as well as their transaction flows.

After the initial understanding we start the review of critical data and their financials. We perform operational due diligence as well as review of previous transactions and financials which allows us to define a trade finance strategy. Strong relationships and working knowledge of a ports, port operators,  surveyors, vessel owners and customs in our focus geographies, providing us sound physical control over the financed commodities.

Strong legal and compliance know-how to control the contractual obligations of all stakeholders touching the transaction allows us to monitor the deal and manage the risks from all perspectives.

Our network

Extensive and current network of the potential borrowers (traders, producers and processors), transportation (shipping and forwarding companies), insurance firms, investors and banks that allow sound origination and monitoring of the deals. This also allows us to be up to speed with market at any given time, which gives additional advantage in the fast-moving trade finance world.

Bericorp Capital Team

We are a passionate and experienced team in commodity trade finance and we are here to offer solutions to your financial needs in trading.

The origination team members have been financing commodity traders, producers and processors in their careers and have profound know-how on modus operandi of commodity trade finance.

Please meet with our team, learn about our business, services and find out how we can help you.


Our mission & our vision

Our mission is to create value added to investors and clients in Emerging Europe (Eastern Europe, Turkey and CIS) and Africa by way of financing the resource-rich and capital-scarce target regions / countries with short term commodity trade financing that will enable regional growth and aid the regions’ export potential. The fund aims at creating this value-added services to essential commodity traders, processors and producers.

We achieve our results by balancing the risks involved with decades long hands-on experience of our bankers in risk management that ensures lean on physical goods / commodities, legal rights of ownership and ensuing receivables within the short-term framework of commodity trade financing.

We would like to achieve our mission by building on our experience and network, while also continuously serving our corporate and investor client base. The relationships with service providers for commodity traders also provide us additional advantage over other financiers as monitoring and collateral management.